It's a Getafterit

Two surfers walking towards the ocean with surfboards under their arms. The text "GETAFTERIT" is prominently displayed at the top center of the image. Below the text, there is a small red square with the white "LOGE" logo. The image is in black and white, capturing the serene beach and horizon in the background.






Building awareness for a different kind of experience

LOGE Camps is an adventure hotel brand that’s focused on stoking their guests’ love for the outdoors. With unique amenities like a hammock and gear wall in the room, they know their target is looking for something more than a typical getaway.

As a relatively new concept in hospitality, educating and gaining awareness are constantly in play for LOGE. We create seasonal ad campaigns at both a brand level and at the individual property level, messaging to our audiences through a top-to-bottom funnel of awareness, consideration, and intent. Our constant challenge: stop an adventure enthusiast in their tracks and tempt them to book at LOGE before they scroll away to the next post.


LOGE runs paid prospecting and remarketing campaigns on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. All ad creative is updated several times a year and incorporates learning from past ad performance, quantitative and qualitative brand research, and industry trends.

The prospecting campaign objective is to build upper-funnel awareness of LOGE as a hotel brand that gets you outdoors.

We placed a longer, lifestyle brand-focused ad on YouTube targeting different audiences based on activity. After analyzing the performance of the longer brand ad, we noticed that outdoor leisure-focused segments (hiking, camping, fishing, campers & RV, etc.) outperformed when compared to the sport activity-focused segments (running, walking, water activities, extreme sports). In order to capture the attention of the sport-focused crowd, we developed much shorter, punchier sport-specific creative highlighting the activities you can do near LOGE locations targeting enthusiasts based on activity. 

The lower-funnel remarketing campaign objective is to convert website visitors into bookings. This creative is property-specific and consists of multiple still frames telling the LOGE experience story as a carousel.


The creative team works closely with our media and insights teams to look at metrics and adjust our approach on a quarterly basis. Together, we look at what the audience is following, what they typically search for when they’re looking for a hotel, and if the target will understand what LOGE offers. From there, we start brainstorming concepts and bringing new ideas to life. For the Getafterit campaign, we focused on passion sports and the unique amenities that make LOGE much more than a getaway.


With this approach, we saw an overall increase in engagement for all Meta campaigns primarily driven by the shorter, activity-focused creatives. At the same time, we saw a minimal increase in CPM (cost per thousand) and significant decrease in CPC (cost per click) across all campaigns, with one ad set driving up the overall CPM. The new remarketing creative saw a 60% decrease in spend while increasing clicks by 28% and CTR by 133%. Needless to say, the client and Catalysis were very pleased. 

An open magazine spread with a scenic mountain landscape in black and white. On the left page, the text reads "IT'S NOT A GETAWAY" in bold, uppercase letters. On the right page, the text reads "IT'S A GETAFTERIT" in bold, uppercase letters. Below, a description highlights various activities and amenities such as morning shreds, comfortable beds, delicious sandwiches, hammocks, hot tubs, Traegers, tuning stations, gear, beer, campfires, and a sense of community. It emphasizes that everything needed for an adventure-filled stay is available in legendary towns, all in one place for the next "getafterit" experience. At the bottom right corner, there is a small red square with the white "LOGE" logo and the text "LOGECAMPS.COM @LOGECAMPS" below it.
Four Instagram posts from the account "logecamps" against a light beige background. The top left post features a scenic outdoor setting with trees and a path, with bold text reading "IT'S NOT A GETAWAY" and "IT'S A GETAFTERIT." The top right post showcases a serene pool area surrounded by trees, with the sun shining through the branches. The bottom left post depicts people sitting around a fire pit, enjoying their time together outdoors. The bottom right post shows the interior of a cozy room with a couch, a small table, and colorful decorations. Each post has the "logecamps" username and profile picture at the top, along with icons for likes, comments, and shares at the bottom.
A two-page magazine spread featuring a black and white photograph of a snow-covered mountain landscape with winding ski tracks. The left page displays the text "YOUR GETAFTERIT IS CALLING" in bold, followed by the copy: "Can you hear it? The cold smoke blowing through Cascade Pines, the crunch of snow as you earn your turns on Shasta, the bottomless silence of Wolf Creek, your edges gripping corduroy at Crystal, hoots and hollers echoing around Mt. Bachelor, the reverberation of the hot tub reviving your legs, the crackle of laughter around the fire. Winter just sounds different. Getafterit at Loge." The Loge Camps logo and the tagline "The Hotel That Gets You Outdoors" are at the bottom right. The text encourages booking by location or passion at logecamps.com.
A two-page magazine spread featuring a black and white photograph of hikers and a dog climbing a rocky hillside. The left page displays the text "LET'S GETAFTERIT THIS FALL" in bold. The right page contains the copy: "The days are getting shorter, the shadows longer, the air crisper. Winter stoke is just around the corner, but autumn is right here, right now. So, let’s live outside, go explore. Let’s connect through crags in Mt. Shasta, ride past the golden larches in Leavenworth, suit up for the rising swell in Westport, find the late season hatch in South Fork. Let’s toast over the fire and taste the harvest of yet another autumn for the books." The Loge Camps logo and the tagline "The Hotel That Gets You Outdoors" are at the bottom right, followed by a list of locations and the website logecamps.com.

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