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Giving LOGE the All-Inclusive Experience.​

LOGE Camps (pronounced “Lodge”) is the hotel that gets you outdoors. They seek out forgotten motels near scenic towns and trails and modernize them for those who want to get after adventure with a community feel.​

When LOGE came to the hospitality scene in 2016, the industry was seeing huge shifts in what motivated people to travel. The sharing economy and people’s increasing desire to get outdoors positioned LOGE to take advantage of a growing opportunity. But they needed to stand apart from hotel chains, pricey Airbnbs, and one-off hipster boutiques. With a local and authentic story and unique outdoor-focused amenities at an approachable price, LOGE was primed for attracting millennial adventurists and young families looking to collect and share experiences. ​


When LOGE made us their AOR in 2020, we had to fully understand the LOGE guest. We received current and historical booking and reservation data from their existing Cloudbeds platform. Through monitoring their current spend and performance, analyzing traffic on their site, and a goal to increase email and social followers we had a process in place to drive visits and bookings. Our media and insights team continues to hone results through data reporting and management, paid media campaign strategy, placement and optimization, organic social strategy and email deployment.

These insights also guide our photo and video creation, social media content and seasonal paid campaigns across all channels.


While the analytics team informed how often and where we needed to develop content monthly, the creative team got to work – stoking people’s excitement for the outdoors, memorable adventures, and of course, traveling to beautiful places near LOGE. In addition, we’ve been helping to mature the brand through the creation of consistent brand guidelines, upgraded photo assets, developing and filming ongoing promotional video and seasonal campaign concepts for all channels​


It didn’t take long to see instant improvements. Our first paid social update increased 345% in user traffic and site visits. Group sale leads went from 3-4 requests a month to 5-6 a week. And within a few months, we helped add 2k followers to LOGE’s Instagram account. We continue to see an uptick as travel picks up and outdoor enthusiasm grows. ​


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