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Introducing socially responsible banking

Verity Credit Union first came to Catalysis in 2019 needing to develop a brand platform capable of showcasing their focus on community and the environment, while paying homage to their long-held commitment to supporting the arts. Year one campaign “Vibrancy with Verity” set the stage for storytelling around what makes up vibrant communities. From this campaign conversation, the idea of socially responsible banking was gaining steam. Our new challenge was to bring this progressive idea to the forefront as the new key pillar of the ‘Vibrancy’ platform. ​


Social responsibility isn’t typically the core of a financial institution’s ethos, so finding the right authentic language was key. Our process began with testing messages around pillars of socially responsible banking, as well as more standard value-oriented propositions, such as low fees and great rates. We wanted to know what members and non-members thought about connecting social responsibility with banking. Not only were they interested, but both members and non-members were intrigued by this new positioning because they saw themselves as socially responsible as well. This connection gave us the insight that people would want to bank with a credit union that believes what they believe, and by joining forces they can even help foster more social responsibility throughout their community.​


Through our research and insights, the “Good Leads to Good” campaign was born. The idea: Connect your good (recycling, biking to work, etc.) with Verity’s good (solar loans, PPP loans, no ATM fees, etc.), and together we can create momentum for more good and “vibrancy” within our communities, and our planet. ​


After only 4 months, the campaign increased membership growth by 58% and enabled the retirement of costly new-membership incentives (re: $100 to open a new checking account) for more profitable and sustainable growth. ​


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