Grit meets luxury







Bringing upscale uppercuts to the Emerald City 

RowdyBox, a new fitness studio bringing high-end, high-intensity boxing workouts to downtown Seattle, asked for help launching their brand and building awareness ahead of opening day.

Their fresh “box to the beat” concept was different than anything currently in the Seattle market. We would need to educate the boxing curious and inspire them with the promise of an intensely fun experience.


Since RowdyBox was a new offering in a saturated market, we needed to do our research to understand who this concept would appeal to and why.

Our team created personas and calculated each segment’s potential in a series of focus groups with area workout enthusiasts. This included coming up with a “RowdyRev Score,” which was a purposeful mechanic that deduced how many times each persona might visit the gym. The result was surprising: The people filling classes were up to two decades older and had very different fitness goals than our 20-something personas. We then brought the top three to life via associated media, digital, and fitness behaviors, while providing a positioning that fit our core users and the market.


Based on the research, we were confident that the target didn’t need a “couch to 5k” program or pep talk to put their gear on. Our findings also told us how the personas preferred to be motivated, and what would entice them to keep coming back. What they wanted most was an upscale place to relieve stress and invigorate their drive for success and happiness. A place to glove-up, and forget they were even working out.

Armed with detailed personas and a go-to-market media framework, our creative team began by concepting and building out the website and anthem video. Then social and display ads focused on a ‘grit meets luxury’ experience, with the promise of a workout like no other.


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