Market Research

We talk a lot about data informing creative, but the benefits often go unrealized unless we can augment available data with new customer insights. Catalysis has a dedicated Research team to ask important questions and hone in on the right strategy. We offer a right-sized approach for clients looking to uncover deeper customer insights. With our standardized process, we believe we can provide the answers you're looking for, and more importantly, the answers you didn't even know you needed to hear. How do we do all of this?

Let's explain

We take process seriously

Different questions require different ways of getting information. That's why we provide a broad set of methodologies so we can match your question to the right study. Then, we keep going.

  • Establish the underlying issues and how the information will be used
  • Develop a strategy and supporting methodology for the research to get to the desired outcomes
  • Execute on the strategy, while keeping our clients in the loop of our progress
  • Package the results with actionable insights and next steps tailored to our clients' business goals

What we deliver

  • Qualitative research (i.e., focus groups, interviews, or panels)
  • Quantitative research
  • Execute on the strategy, while keeping our clients in the loop of our progress
  • Competitive research
  • Social listening
  • Longitudinal panel

What you get

The output may be a research report or used to update your brand identity or launch a new campaign

We provide the right service you need

Messaging and positioning

Persona creation

Customer journey mapping

Product or service design

Brand tracking

Audience insights

Creative and UX testing

Clients we've helped

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